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Why choose me?

Experience matters. My camera and I have been shooting images for many years. I also learned the specifics of the craft with two degrees in photography: a bachelor's from The Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C., and a master's from Savannah College of Art and Design. My professional work covers a broad range of genres and experiences, from teaching and travel photography to studio work and more. Click here or here to see my portfolios. My years of visual story telling extends to print and web design as well, please visit my design site here.

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Why action photography?

My interest in action photography began years ago when my son took pole vaulting lessons. As he trained, won medals and worked his way to current level as a Division 1 Decathlete, I was recording his successes and perfecting my live action shots. I was hooked. Seeing first hand the passion athletes tirelessly give to their sports has fueled my desire to find new ways to portray them with drama and clarity not possible with traditional shots.

You bring the passion. I'll showcase it in pictures.

Did you know?

High Speed Sync (HSS) photography uses a powerful flash that illuminates action in a dramatic way. It balances harsh sunlight, allowing the photographer to fill in and open up shadows and spotlight the subject in a pop of color. Using this technology adds dimension to the photo; the subject appears separated from the background and details such as muscle definition and facial expression are enhanced.

As a top athlete or dancer, you put your best into your sport. So why not get an action portrait that showcases your passion in a unique way? With HSS photography and its special flash techniques, your portrait will help you see yourself in a whole new light.


With HSS


Without HSS


With HSS